Sewing for Day to Night Styling with Rebecca Page Patterns

Have you ever been out or had a planned event suddenly thrust upon you and you never know what to wear? Or you just don’t have the capacity to carry all the extra clothing for that after work event? Well l am sure you have had that last minute occasion occur and that argh moment: “what do l wear?”

Having a garment that can be versatile is the key to such an occasion.  I do love quite a few of my Rebecca Page (RP) garments for just this reason!

How do l get the most from my garments?

Changing up my basic garments i.e: shorts, pants, or skirts depending upon where l am going.  Adding simple jewelry changes also works.  You may have some funky necklace on for day wear then change it around for something a little more elegant for that more formal occasion, or if you just want to feel  a bit more special because, let’s face it, we deserve it!

The Kingston

You can see how great my Kingston jacket is for casual day wear, and then for a more formal occasion simply by changing from shorts to pants or skirt but still wearing the same garment. Simply layering with the Strappy Cami works well too. It is really lovely wearing the Kingston casual style!

Day to Night Styling with Rebecca Page

The Olivia

For our current summer the Olivia is another garment that can get you from day to night so easily.  Olivia is a classic style that you can wear with some Berry Bubble Shorts and then with some classic pants (the new Slim Fit Cargos would be ideal). You can be out having fun in the sun, an afternoon catch up with the girls, then into a skirt ready to head out for that date night dinner.

Day to Night Styling with Rebecca Page

See! It is as simple as that. Head off for the day with your tote bag with just a few basic items and you are ready for any unexpected quick catch ups.

The Stevie

The Stevie skirt is also an easily-adaptable garment.  Simply by adding just one garment, the Circle Cardie, I am taking my Stevie with a cami, for dinner. A necklace just adds some more elegance to the occasion.

Day to Night Styling with Rebecca Page

I love adding a little piece of jewelry to my outfits.  They do not have to be expensive items either, ladies. Something reasonably cheap from the department store that you can match to many garments is most suitable.  Shoes, oh we all love shoes and they are the perfect accessory! Flats to a bit of heel can make a big change to your outfit.

So, ladies, get your little tote bag in a handy spot so when you get that phone call or text in the morning you can pop the garment into your bag and off you go, better still when you plan what you are wearing put that extra garment in your bag the night before and you are ready with that ‘just in case’ you need it garment.

Happy sewing,



Sewing for day to night styling with Rebecca Page patterns; how I take an outfit from breakfast to dinner with a few quick changes.

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